Root Tetris

This project is a continuation of a students' programming exercise that got a bit out of control - the "tetris clone" goal of the first weeks gradually turned into the current "3D-Tetris with all players (arbitrary number) playing on one playfield over a network".
This goal is now (technically) reached.
The major things that stand in the way of RootTetris being a finished product are:

  • Better user interfaces for server and client
  • Master-server/peer-to-peer networking (already being worked on, see latest CVS, especially "Treehouse*.java") eventually leading to a internet "playfinder"
  • Better (Java3D or OpenGL) 3D display

    If you are interested in contributing to RootTetris, fetch the CVS version, readthe sources (Documentation is mostly lacking, we could need help there too!), and then, just let us know (johannes.ebke-a

    How to play

  • Linux - just execute "" in a console, then start "" on all client machines. You can now use the Friendly User Interface to connect to the Server, when all users have clicked "Play Tetris" type "start" into the server console. For additional commands see the README.
  • Windows - you have to execute build/StartServer.class (on the Server) and build/StartClient.class (on each client). Normally you drag the .class file on your java-enabled browser, but I don't really know if the server can open a console this way, could somebody using windows just try it and report back to me (johannes.ebke-a Thanks!